August – Summer Break
23           Social at Cilanto’s
28           Blood Drive


4             Labor day
12           Monthly Meeting
13           K of C night at Patriots Baseball game
15           Trivia Night
17           Recruit at Shrine
27           1st Degree for new members – Pot Luck afterwards (Time, Location TBD)

7             Spaghetti Dinner (Time TBD)
11           Monthly Meeting
13           Our Lady of Fatima Procession
28           Rosarian Breakfast (TBD)
25           Social with Spouses

8             Monthly Meeting
19           Food Drive
4th Degree

1 or 8     Christmas Party at Cilantro’s  Dec. 8 is the feast of the Immaculate Conception
13           Monthly Meeting

10           Monthly Meeting
13           Free Throw Contest at 11:30am?
13/14     Rose Drive
19           Trivia  March For Life day at Washington DC. Don’t return till late.
24           Social with Pro-Life? (to be confirmed)

7             Monthly Meeting
14           Ash Wednesday
18           Men’s Communion Breakfast Gym? 11:30am?
28           Pasta Dinner with women’s group or Rosarians (to be confirmed)

14           Monthly Meeting
25           Easter Food Drive
28           Seder Dinner (to be confirmed)

1             Easter
11           Monthly Meeting
14           Karaoke Night
30           Blood Drive

9              Monthly Meeting
12/13     Roses for Mother’s Day

13           Monthly Meeting (elections) – BBQ

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